Dry Roasted Edamame is a Healthy Snack

Eating dry roasted edamame can seem like an ordinary event now, but this lovely little snack has become a healthy eating craze that has only evolved over recent years.  Although they have become widely popular, there are still a lot of individuals that are unaware of the underlying benefits that are found in dry roasted edamame and in green soybeans all together.

The nutritional benefits that come from edamame, which are soybeans that have been harvested before they have reached full maturation, can be seen to equal those found in most well balanced meals. With 14 grams of protein in every quarter cup of dry roasted edamame, it cannot only be comparable to having an almost equivalent amount of protein as meat, but also containing the fiber of whole grain, as well as the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals of dried fruits and vegetables. It is truly a ‘power’ food.

Dry roasted edamame not only contains healthy amounts of fiber, protein and antioxidants, its roasting process will reduce the soybean’s water content while intensifying its flavor. Dry roasting vegetables in general will yield this same type of outcome, a more intense flavor without significantly sacrificing the nutritional value of the food. This process also results in a satisfying crunchy textured snack. And unlike most crispy snacks, dry roasted vegetables provide food that can be sodium free with no cholesterol and as close to fat free as you can comfortably get with great tasting food.

Popular crunchy snacks often contain high amounts of sugars, fats and as a result are high in calories. If you would like to change your unhealthy snacking habits for an equally delicious and fun item, Seapoint Farms produces three distinct and delicious types of dry roasted edamame: slightly salted, wasabi and a Goji blend.

Besides its immediate recognition as a healthy snack, dry roasted edamame can be used to spice up every day lunch and dinner items. In particular, salads are a great way to house this delightful item. The crunchy and nutty flavor of roasted edamame allows for a wonderful surprise in an otherwise reoccurring green dinner salad. Take the green salad that your mom or significant other makes everyday for your lunch or dinner, add some of SeaPoint Farms’ wasabi flavored edamame and taste your way into mouth full of exotic flavor!

Of course adding fresh edamame to your already green salad may be more common, but added the texture of dry roasted edamame will become a traditional addition for your future meals. If you’re stuck with some fresh edamame until your next trip to the grocery store, try dry roasting it yourself by following these quick and easy steps:

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