A Message to Our Customers about Products from China

From the Office of the President
Laura Cross
January 2011

The health and safety of all our products has always been the highest priority for Seapoint Farms. We continue to have numerous safety precautions in place to ensure that the products and the environment in which we grow them in are of the safest and highest standards. We follow strict protocol and have for the past 15 years that Seapoint Farms has been doing business.

Some of these reporting procedures are :

All Seapoint Farms products from China are grown in areas that are strictly controlled by third party agencies. Seapoint Farms products are produced under the strict controls mandated by CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau). CIQ is responsible for the control of all farming, processing, manufacturing and export. They pay strict attention to raw material quality and safety as well as the manufacture and export of finished products. All Seapoint Farms packers in China perform mandatory additional safety inspections. Seapoint Farms products are only produced in factories personally visited and inspected several times per month by our employees from our Hong Kong office as well as visited several times per year by myself, our COO and the CFO of Seapoint Farms. Additionally, Seapoint Farms requires third party Food Safety and Social Responsibility Audits annually at each factory in China. Every production code is approved by Seapoint Farms prior to shipment, and only factories with the highest level of quality are accepted.

All Seapoint Farms products from China are only produced in factories that have USFDA factory and product registrations, and are HACCP certified.

Be assured that we make every effort to maintain the highest quality and safety of all Seapoint Farms products.

For more information, please call our Corporate offices, Monday through Friday; 9:00AM to 5:00 PM., PST

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