Buy Frozen Edamame

Why should you buy frozen edamame? There are several reasons, besides the immediate thought that frozen items last longer. Frozen vegetables have more nutritional value than found in fresh produce at grocery stores. Seapoint Farm's frozen edamame are frozen soon after they have been harvested, truly conserving their protein and nutrients. Vegetables that you find "fresh" in the grocery store have actually lost a lot of their nutrients because of their time spent in transit from the farms to the stores.

Frozen edamame will have a longer life in the freezer than any fresh soybean found at the produce section. After you buy it and place it in your freezer, you are able to open its package, pour the amount you wish to consume, close it back up and place it in the freezer once again to avoid any spoiling. With fresh produce, it almost seems as though you need to consume it within one or two days before it begins to show signs of rotting. Even after you have placed your fresh produce in the refrigerator, it's fresh taste and nutrients are decreasing every day. By buying frozen edamame, you know that every time you pour some of them out into a container, you are eating soybeans that had only been harvested hours before they were frozen.

Unlike canned products, our frozen edamame do not contain as much sodium. They are a wonderful source of protein, they are gluten free, low in fat and have no cholesterol! Their high nutritional value are an important part of our health, that is why grabbing a hand full of edamame as a quick and fun snack is a great start to healthier living. Taking a healthier snack throughout the day has shown to decrease chances of heart disease and cancer. Just another reason to buy our frozen edamame, its ability to be put in a small bag and let thaw in your handbag or pocket as a snack on the run!

When you buy frozen edamame from Seapoint Farms, you are guaranteed to have purchased produce free from GMOs. We are proud to stand behind naturally grown produce because we are aware that there have not been long term studies on any health risks that may have come from consuming genetically altered produce. Our edamame has been naturally grown with traditional farming values and we hold our product to the highest standards of quality foods.

If you wonder where you may buy our frozen products, most large and medium sized grocery stores will have our product lines of frozen edamame in their frozen food sections or in near foods labeled as natural products. Whether you want to start living healthy today, or need help lowering your cholesterol, buy frozen edamame next time you are grocery shopping and replace your sweets with a healthier snack on the go!

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